CrimePad 2.3 – Now a Free Download

As of today, we are releasing the 2.3 version of CrimePad. This version merges the functionality of both CrimePad Lite and CrimePad into a single app. CrimePad Lite will no longer be available on the app store.

Now a Free Download

The biggest change is that going forward, CrimePad will be a FREE download. That doesn’t mean that the app is free, just that all users can DOWNLOAD the app for free. We made this change in order to allow users to install it more easily. Continue reading

IACP Releases Cloud Guidelines

In January 2013, IACP released the results of its cloud computing survey. Over half of the departments responding said they were already in or planning to go to the cloud. 61% of said the primary reason for going to the cloud was to “save money.”

Today, IACP has just released the updated “Guiding Principles on Cloud Computing in Law Enforcement” guidelines and model policies associated with cloud computing at the IACP conference in Philadelphia. Continue reading

Cutting Edge Technology for Law Enforcement is Alive and Well – But How Do You Buy It?

It took only a glance into the Exhibit Hall of the Pennsylvania Convention Center last week to get a sense of modern policing. Booths of hundreds of exhibitors at the 2013 conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police filled the hall, with the air pierced routinely with bursts of simulated gunfire and sirens. Vehicles from the latest in patrol cars to high tech helicopters and mobile command centers drew lots of attention. Even more common than these “big ticket” items were firearms, the latest software applications (including CrimePad®), uniforms, and other gear.

Whether it is a million dollar mobile command center or a hundred dollar backpack, all these products have one thing in common – somebody in the organization needs to know or figure out how to buy it. It might seem that getting the buy-in to make the purchase might be the hard part. In some cases that’s true. Unfortunately, sometimes it easy the easiest part! Continue reading

Visionations Attends IACP

Technology was front and center at the 120th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in Philadelphia this month with hundreds of exhibitors demonstrating wares from comms equipment and investigative resources to helicopters and mobile command centers. Visionations was there demonstrating CrimePad, the Future of Crime Scene Management. We had engaging discussions with law enforcement and crime lab personnel from coast to coast. In some cases, information technology (IT) personnel came by the booth and then came back again with enforcement or crime lab personnel. In other cases, the initial contact was with investigative or crime scene personnel and they often came back with their IT staff. Some who came to the booth were already using iOS technology. Others were looking to make the business case to make that move. Continue reading

Are Law Enforcement Data Really Safe in the Cloud?

Searching Google for “Is My Stuff Safe in the Cloud?” produces 3,280,000 results. Likely many more people have wondered about than actually asked the question. Whether you are a parent wondering about your kid’s grades being stored there or a CIO leading enterprise wide efforts to “move to the Cloud,” this is a fundamental question you will face. The answer, like those to many of life’s questions, is “it depends.” Well-designed and managed Cloud services can provide unprecedented levels of security and other benefits. But how do you know if that’s what you have? Continue reading

Visionations Attends IAI 2013

The International Education Conference of the International Association for Identification (IAI) was held in Providence, Rhode Island, this month. As described by IAI, “at this important annual Conference world-renowned professionals present the most current scientific educational sessions, utilizing the most efficient methodologies and technical products and advances in the identification field.” Consistent with this purpose, the Visionations team staffed a booth throughout the conference to showcase and demonstrate CrimePad. As with the prior conferences, there was a lot of interest and excellent discussions with crime scene and forensic professionals from a variety of disciplines.

Are You Protecting Bad Data?

Data security is essential. If you are in the business, it’s important for your customers to know the data security you offer them. Unfortunately, there’s a really important question that often goes unasked, even by companies that make significant financial investments in these data security activities: Are the data worth protecting? Continue reading