CrimePad 2.0 – Team Edition

We can’t even begin to describe to you how excited we are to be releasing CrimePad 2.0. You have been asking for it, and it is now finally ready. Officially, this is now CrimePad for Teams. You can now share data, add leads, version every record, and more.  Read on because there are a ton of updates.

Team Accounts

Each agency is able to set up a “Team Account”. Every investigator, supervisor, detective will now be able to have a user account that we are calling a “Visioneer Account”. When anyone adds data to their CrimePad, the data will be securely synced up to a single, master database for that agency. That database is housed on our secure servers and allows the agency to administer all of their data across all of their CrimePads.

Real-time Sharing

Because of that real-time syncing, every investigator, detective, or supervisor can now see what everyone else is working on in real-time. No matter if one person is at the office, at home, following up with a lead, at the scene, they are all able to see what the other is doing in real time. This is the realization of what we’ve strived for all along: to increase the amount of real-time collaboration happening on a criminal investigation.

Multiple Logins to a Single Device

Now you are able to password-protect your CrimePad. Every Visioneer account will require a username and password to get into it. In addition to this, multiple people can log into their account on a single device. This allows you to now pass around a single iPad between multiple people. When they log into their account, they will only see and modify their data yet they will be able to sync that data with everyone else working the case.


Several of you have asked for us to include a new element for a Lead. This element is now at the case level and allows you to generate a lead, assign it to someone, and follow up on it. Now you can see the progress and results of every lead in real-time.

Versioning and Audit Reports

Is that all? Not yet! Within every Team Account held on our servers, we also feature versioning of every record synced. Everything. That means that a snapshot is created for every data addition, change, or deletion for all time. This allows you to see what changes were made at what time and if needed, you can rollback the data to a previous point in time. Imagine that you were working on an evidence item and accidentally changed it or even worse, accidentally deleted it. No problem. You can request us to rollback that item to a previous snapshot in order to continue working on it. You can now request audit logs of all the data changes along with a record of what person made each change.

Expanded People Lists

Finally! We have updated the people lists. Now you can see all of your Team Members and attach them easily to every case. You don’t have to worry about updating their information, because it is updated by each person automatically through syncing.