CrimePad 3.6

We are happy to announce a big new update loaded with some exciting features:

  • iOS 12 Support
  • Custom Validation on Scene or Case close
  • New addition to Technique: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • New addition to Technique: Unmanned Aircraft
  • New addition to some of the drop down fields
  • New Scene Type Options (like Vehicle, etc.)

CrimePad in use

While it isn’t an article, here is a shot of CrimePad being used by Baltimore PD. We are proud to be helping them solve crime on a daily basis:

CrimePad 3.4

Not just any old morning, some big new features released today!

  • NEW Zip and Download all files
  • Added “Documentary/Evidentiary” and “Distance” to photos
  • Added “Briefed by” to scene
  • Made some iOS11 Fixes
  • Add 2 Dates to Access Element: Requested Date and Dispatched Date

CrimePad 3.3.3

We now have digital signatures incorporated for reports.

  • Digital signature for reports
  • Scene types list updated
  • New items added to Evidence list
  • Additional cases sorting option (by case number)
  • Performance improvements, better compatibility with iOS 10

CrimePad 3.2

Take your Crime Scene sketches to the next level!

  • NEW: Draw Tool for iPad (sketch scenes and annotate photos)
  • Lifts records in evidence
  • Scene type
  • General weather conditions field for scenes
  • Unit name for accounts and personnel
  • Country of residence field for person of interest
  • Lead number field