CrimePad 2.8

Syncing improvements and new, “My Cases” of ease of browsing.

  • Sync mechanics completely reworked – much more efficient and faster now
  • Furthermore it is now possible to manage my cases list which narrows down the list of cases synced to only the relevant ones
  • Added ability to print multiple evidence labels
  • Added ability to bulk edit evidence disposition

IACP Releases Technology Policy Framework

Last month IACP released its Technology Policy Framework. The Framework was developed to help identify useful technologies for public safety and associated metrics for value and performance. The Framework was also motivated by the need to address integration challenges such as infrastructure, multiple platforms, security, technical support, and hardware. A key factor in IACP’s effort is the importance of maintaining public trust, and the implications of new technologies for potentially violating that trust and losing the public’s approval. Continue reading

Will the Nation’s Newest Crime Labs Avoid the Troubles Faced by Some Labs in 2013?

2013 was marked by experiences at opposite ends of the spectrum for the nation’s crime labs.

Multiple jurisdictions – including Kansas City, Nashville, Mississippi, and Washington DC – have built new crime labs. Many of these have state of the art technology and facilities. Still other jurisdictions, such as Cincinnati and Memphis, are seeking responsible solutions for much needed improvements in their crime lab facilities. This signifies that communities across the country consider these labs and services to be a priority even in these fiscally constrained times.

On the other hand, 2013 also included numerous instances of labs either being under suspicion of having or being found to have a variety of significant problems. Continue reading