Are You Protecting Bad Data?

Data security is essential. If you are in the business, it’s important for your customers to know the data security you offer them. Unfortunately, there’s a really important question that often goes unasked, even by companies that make significant financial investments in these data security activities: Are the data worth protecting? Continue reading

Jeff Gurvis Presents at ASCLD on “Crime Scene Technologies – Present and Future”

This month, Jeff Gurvis presented at the 2013 American Society of Crime Lab Directors (ASCLD) in Durham, North Carolina. Jeff, a forensic scientist and nationally recognized expert, talked about crime technologies such as panoramic image acquisition and 3D laser scanning. He also discussed forensic technologies such as rapid DNA and antibody profiling. Jeff’s takeaway message described his vision for the real future for crime scene management and investigation – leveraging emerging technologies to facilitate broad-based collaboration. Continue reading

In the Spotlight: New Zealand Police Invest Millions on 10,000 iOS Tablets and Smart Phones

After an almost year-long pilot, the New Zealand Police will deploy iOS devices to thousands of officers, with over 6,000 receiving the devices in the initial rollout. A primary motivator of this initiative is to make officers more efficient. New Zealand estimates that 520,000 hours of front-line police time – thirty minutes per officer per shift – will be freed up to reinvest in policing by officers’ using the devices to check offender details and perform other actions real time in the field that may have otherwise required a trip to the station. Continue reading

Visionations Attends AAFS 2013

Over 5,000 people attended the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) in Washington, DC. The Visionations team was there and had many great discussions with attendees about CrimePad and the future of crime scene management. Attendee feedback reinforced the value of and need for the functionality developed for the app by our crime scene experts.

Innovation is Needed in the Face of Continuing Law Enforcement Budget Challenges

Law enforcement agencies, like organizations throughout all sectors of the economy, are faced with ongoing budget constraints. Departments all over the country are confronting reduced staffing levels; in many cases being unable to replace officers that retire. Funding for civilian personnel is similarly constrained. Of course the purchase of goods and services has also taken a hit as departments try to find savings elsewhere so that as many officers as possible can stay out on the streets.

Unlike other sectors of the economy, law enforcement cannot sustain a “do less with less” philosophy in the face of these constraints. Citizens cannot tolerate a reduction in public safety. Thus, the question is “what can be done to offset or mitigate the budgetary limitations faced by so many agencies?Continue reading

Visionations Attends IAI 2012

Visionations unveiled CrimePad at the International Association for Identification (IAI) in Phoenix, AZ in July. There was a tremendous response by those who attended. Several agencies had plenty of positive feedback as well as some helpful ideas on how to make CrimePad better. Our booth was extremely busy throughout the exhibit hours. The response validates our vision of bringing modern mobile technology to the field of crime scene investigation.