Familial DNA formally entering investigation arena

Another powerful tool is growing in prominence in aiding investigations.  Familial DNA has already helped solve cases in select areas of the country.  With the FBI now formally entering a collaboration, you can bet that its adoption will only continue to increase.  Have you considered utilizing this technology in your agency?


VR for Crime Scenes

Virtual Reality provides many interesting applications across society.  As it pertains to crime scene investigations, VR is looked at as a way to recreate the scene in a format that allows investigators to “visit” and analyze the scene without actually entering it.  Obviously this dramatically reduces the chance of contamination and increases the availability of the scene to more people for longer periods of time.


Test for age of bloodstains

Bloodstains have much useful information that can used to indicate various components of how an event unfolded.  This is a foundational principle of bloodstain pattern analysis. Additionally, the source of blood is a focus of DNA analysis.  However, there may be more that can be gleaned from bloodstains. Commonly, when we encounter bloodstains at scenes there may be questions as to when the events occurred or even if the bloodstains were part of a previous event.  Now there is some interesting research in helping to determine the age of bloodstains.


DNA Phenotyping

Advancements in DNA have gone beyond just matching profiles of unknown samples to knowns. Now actually utilizing the genome to predict physical traits and appearance takes DNA analysis to another level. Within CrimePad, using predictive images of suspects or persons of interest to share with the entire investigative team and the entire department can create a big break in a case.


Mobile access to fingerprint databases

Visionations has been a pioneer in this arena here in the US. Using CrimePad to interface with AFIS systems in the field to generate possible leads while the scene is still being processed has been a vision for a while. Visionations is currently exploring this opportunity with all the major AFIS vendors in the US.