CrimePad 2.1 – Filters & XML

CrimePad 2.1 is out on the app store. It fixes a few iOS7 glitches as well as introducing a great new feature for helping you manage long lists of data: Filters. Also, in our quest to help you reduce data-entry redundancy, we have also released XML Reports.

Now you are able to organize the data you are scrolling through which greatly helps you get to the data you need quickly. On the cases list, scenes/leads list, and scene elements list, you are able to reduce the number of items based on unique filters for each type of list. One of the filters that is very helpful with the new CrimePad for Teams is the ability to filter the list of elements to the person who created that item. You can also filter cases down by timeframe.

In addition to filters, we also have new tile views for evidence and techniques. If you have a reference image, you can now see them in the tile view.

Last but certainly not least, you can now export all your case data in XML format. This is extremely helpful for those of you looking to integrate that data into another system. Some of you may be asking why this matters. The reason is that this allows you to more easily import CrimePad data into your RMS or LIMS systems, reducing even more redundant data entry. XML reports are only the first step… Stay tuned for an even bigger integration announcement very soon!

Check it out and let us know what you think.