Are You Protecting Bad Data?

Data security is essential. If you are in the business, it’s important for your customers to know the data security you offer them. Unfortunately, there’s a really important question that often goes unasked, even by companies that make significant financial investments in these data security activities: Are the data worth protecting?

In theory, of course, the answer is typically a resounding “Yes!” But the questions that must be answered to really determine if the data are worth protecting include:

  • Are the data current?
  • Are the data accurate?
  • Are the data comprehensive?
  • Are the data complete?

You get the idea. For all of these questions, the answers are in the context of the business purpose – so if it’s OK for your purposes that data are six months old, then that would be “current enough.”

If your data are out-of-date, inaccurate, or insufficient for your business purpose you might want to take a look at your data collection and management practices. After all, your data should deserve all the protection you give it. Visionations protect your data in CrimePad with the latest technology. More importantly, we have a culture of innovation and data security and integrity.