CrimePad 2.8

Syncing improvements and new, “My Cases” of ease of browsing.

  • Sync mechanics completely reworked – much more efficient and faster now
  • Furthermore it is now possible to manage my cases list which narrows down the list of cases synced to only the relevant ones
  • Added ability to print multiple evidence labels
  • Added ability to bulk edit evidence disposition

CrimePad 2.3 – Now a Free Download

As of today, we are releasing the 2.3 version of CrimePad. This version merges the functionality of both CrimePad Lite and CrimePad into a single app. CrimePad Lite will no longer be available on the app store.

Now a Free Download

The biggest change is that going forward, CrimePad will be a FREE download. That doesn’t mean that the app is free, just that all users can DOWNLOAD the app for free. We made this change in order to allow users to install it more easily. Continue reading