IACP Releases Technology Policy Framework

Last month IACP released its Technology Policy Framework. The Framework was developed to help identify useful technologies for public safety and associated metrics for value and performance. The Framework was also motivated by the need to address integration challenges such as infrastructure, multiple platforms, security, technical support, and hardware. A key factor in IACP’s effort is the importance of maintaining public trust, and the implications of new technologies for potentially violating that trust and losing the public’s approval. Continue reading

IACP Releases Cloud Guidelines

In January 2013, IACP released the results of its cloud computing survey. Over half of the departments responding said they were already in or planning to go to the cloud. 61% of said the primary reason for going to the cloud was to “save money.”

Today, IACP has just released the updated “Guiding Principles on Cloud Computing in Law Enforcement” guidelines and model policies associated with cloud computing at the IACP conference in Philadelphia. Continue reading