Welcome to the Visionations Community!


Our company‚Äôs name, Visionations, exemplifies our passion for making the possible a reality. Using the best of today’s mobile technology our multi-disciplinary experts transform our vision into new products – our innovations – to ensure that criminal justice organizations have the best solutions to achieve their vital missions.

Our team offers the synergy of substantial forensic science, crime scene, and national security expertise combined with leading professional user-experience architecture. Throughout their diverse careers the team has an impressive track record of problem solving through creativity and collaboration.

Collectively, Visionations’ unique capabilities enable us to develop exciting new products and resources for the criminal justice community that are technically sophisticated, scientifically robust, and easy-to-use. These products can be a “force multiplier” for your organization, and bring an unprecedented level of sophistication and standardization to address today’s toughest challenges.

CrimePad is our first product and is currently in beta. We are testing it with several agencies and look forward to releasing it when we and the community feel that it is ready. Stay tuned for all the updates.