Innovation is Needed in the Face of Continuing Law Enforcement Budget Challenges

Law enforcement agencies, like organizations throughout all sectors of the economy, are faced with ongoing budget constraints. Departments all over the country are confronting reduced staffing levels; in many cases being unable to replace officers that retire. Funding for civilian personnel is similarly constrained. Of course the purchase of goods and services has also taken a hit as departments try to find savings elsewhere so that as many officers as possible can stay out on the streets.

Unlike other sectors of the economy, law enforcement cannot sustain a “do less with less” philosophy in the face of these constraints. Citizens cannot tolerate a reduction in public safety. Thus, the question is “what can be done to offset or mitigate the budgetary limitations faced by so many agencies?

Technology is an obvious choice, especially when a business case can be made that it will “pay for itself.” Demonstrating that return on investment usually requires showing that the technology will enable something to be done faster, better, or cheaper with it than without. Technologies that liberate personnel to better spend their time are of particular interest.

Historically, paperwork has been the bane of most law enforcement personnel. Doing the work and then documenting it are often disparate or redundant activities. For example, notes taken in the field must then be typed up or entered into a records or case management system. That data entry then becomes an essential but time consuming task that takes officers and investigators out of the field where they are needed most. This is an opportunity for innovation.

CrimePad offers “one and done” data entry for crime scene management so that personnel can spend their time more efficiently. Evidence and access logs and other documentation are entered in the field. Labels and reports can be printed on the spot or back at the office. Backend integration provides seamless connectivity with major RMS.