Collaboration: CrimePad’s Mission

Investigations currently are worked in teams of people and may involve several entities.  These may include crime scene technicians and investigators from the local police department (major events might also include state and federal law enforcement), death investigators from medical examiner/coroner offices, forensic laboratories, district attorney offices, etc.  With so many people involved, there is a lot of data collected.  However, the dissemination of this data is inefficient and sometimes nonexistent.  Most information is first collected by hand with free hand notes or pre-formatted worksheets and then it is compiled into a report which is distributed days later.  Often times, calls are made to inform others of vital data but it isn’t recorded.  Needless to say, the knowledge transfer amongst all individuals from all entities is severely lacking.

We all know that the first 48 hours are the most critical to the successful resolution of an investigation.  With CrimePad, information sharing in real time allows for the entire team to be up to date with what is known in the investigation, even between agencies.  Hence, a collaborative environment is generated where investigations can proceed quicker and more efficiently.